MEDETEL HEALTH across the e-Clinic Centers on a Pan-India basis.
Medetel Health - Uniqueness.
Exclusive technical call center – connectivity, operations and maintainance.
Technology partner – Enhanced business.
Patient - Affordable and integrated care at the doorstep, enhance convenience – saves time and cost of care.

Business Model

    Urban Model:
  • Private to Private / Private to Govt.
  • Corporate
  • Large Apartments complex
  • Point of Care
  • Chronic Disease Management: Asthma, BP, Cardiac, Diabetics (ABCD)
    Semi-Urban Model:
  • Private to Private
  • Public / Govt Model:
  • NGO Model
    Rural Model:
  • Public / Govt Model
  • NGO Model
  • Participation in Govt efforts in Disaster management support (DMS) through Telemedicine.