MEDETEL HEALTH across the e-Clinic Centers on a Pan-India basis.
Medetel Health - Uniqueness.
Exclusive technical call center – connectivity, operations and maintainance.
Technology partner – Enhanced business.
Patient - Affordable and integrated care at the doorstep, enhance convenience – saves time and cost of care.

Rural Health Care Demand

Specialised Clinicians and Facilities, that provides constant medical attention, including short periods of hospitalization. basic health care facilities for common and minor ailments.

  • There is a large divide between rural and urban on.
  • Cost - Health care is an average 1.5x times costlier for rural patients
  • Avalibality - 80% of Doctors, 75% of dispensaries, and 60% of hospitals in urban areas
  • Quality - 60-80% of private practitioners are semi or unqualified and absentee rate of government rural clinic is 40%

The current rural healthcare system is fragmented, inefficient and inexpensive, resulting in value lost for both the patient and providers.